Our Mission:

Radiate Christ's Love



We gather together every Sunday to praise God for the many ways we have been loved: for sending Jesus to save us; for creating the world and all that is in it; for sending the Holy Spirit to give us comfort and direction; for forgiving us our sins and making us children of God.

We are all one in Christ Jesus. At Trinity, we take stock in what makes us different and ultimately the same. We may hail from distant walks of life, but we are all made equal through sin. We feel our worship is made better through diversity. It is made better with all as neighbors. 



We live through our contributions as committed servants of God. These efforts come in the form of offering our time, lending wealth, and bringing a breadth of talents as stewards of the church. We see a path of service as both a necessary commitment and a welcome opportunity.

Our worship challenges evils we find in the world and in ourselves. The ultimate sacrifice was made so we could come forward with those evils in exposure of our true self in honest repentance. Our worship then seeks restoration through forgiveness. We aim to restore and build.

Trinity Lutheran Church

is part of the ELCA. 

We take part in and share values with a network of worship centers from across the country. We are partnered with churches, members, pastors, staff, and communities who are united in their desire to celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. To learn more about the ELCA, visit